Arizona Family Friendly RV Camping and Attractions

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        Caution: Most RV Parks in Arizona do not allow families with members under 55 years old. If you are under 55 or any one in your group is under 55, make sure you tell the RV park … Continued

Full Time Families, Baby Shower, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Organ Pipe National Monument

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We have combined three subjects into this one page. First, we have a Baby Shower for Holly and Arianna with a few of our friends who belong to the FullTime Families RV club. Second, we cover the Hohokam Indian ruins … Continued

Spring is quickly over taking Quartzsite, Arizona

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For those interested in the performance of the Nikon B500 in the hands of a novice, every picture in this article was taken with the B500. For everyone else this is a typical article that you get from this middle … Continued

One Plus One = Three if You’re Human and Six * Four = Twelve if You’re a battery

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One Plus One = Three if You’re Human and Six * Four = Twelve if You’re a battery.  ‘Oh the secrets we keep when teaching elementary math. With a grin we sleep, hoping we will live to see the aftermath. … Continued

Time Out to Talk About What Makes Success

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It has been awhile since I once identified my self with being young. I am becoming what they call solidified middle aged, and my body has become stiff pass the realms of the living. In tandem, my mind/my body only … Continued

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