Spring is quickly over taking Quartzsite, Arizona

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For those interested in the performance of the Nikon B500 in the hands of a novice, every picture in this article was taken with the B500. For everyone else this is a typical article that you get from this middle … Continued

One Plus One = Three if You’re Human and Six * Four = Twelve if You’re a battery

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One Plus One = Three if You’re Human and Six * Four = Twelve if You’re a battery.  ‘Oh the secrets we keep when teaching elementary math. With a grin we sleep, hoping we will live to see the aftermath. … Continued

Time Out to Talk About What Makes Success

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It has been awhile since I once identified my self with being young. I am becoming what they call solidified middle aged, and my body has become stiff pass the realms of the living. In tandem, my mind/my body only … Continued

Blinded by Time in Bend Oregon

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Summer and our stay in Oregon flew by this year. We had four different sets of visitors this year, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I got a new computer on the cheap, and have been re-writing the Thousand Trails Reviews … Continued


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When I was a kid, one task my parents assigned me was to burn the tall grass from a ditch that paralleled one end of grass field, while they burned out the ditches at the other end, about three quarter … Continued

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